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New Ode to Joy tutorial: Beethoven made simple but beautiful

by Bruce Siegel on June 3rd, 2011

So far, the lessons on have focused on piano accompaniment–using chords to back up your own singing. But this lesson is different. It teaches you to play a piano solo.

My simple arrangement helps you learn to play a melody in the right hand, over chords or intervals in the left.

I like to teach this piece by rote rather than having my students read the music. (Though the sheet music is available for download.) That way, you can put all your attention on building basic playing skills while enjoying a wonderful addition to your repertoire.

  1. It’s a superb piano tutorial. Yap I am sure, I can play piano solo. These video tutorials are very effective. I want to learn more please upload next part of the tutorial. Thanks buddy :)

  2. Thanks, Jokovich! I’m so pleased you’re finding my videos helpful.

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