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How to Play Adele’s Someone Like You and Other 4-Chord Songs

by Bruce Siegel on December 16th, 2014

Here’s your chance to master one of the most beautiful progressions in all of music. In the key of C, that would be the C, G, A minor, and F chords, in that order.

The songs you’ll learn to play (at least in part) include Someone Like You, No One, She Will Be Loved, You’re Beautiful, With or Without You, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Forever Young, Let it Be, Under the Bridge, No Woman No Cry, Land Down Under, So Lonely, Happy Ending, Fall at Your Feet, When I Come Around.

As always, I cover ALL the essentials: chords, fingerings, and the rhythmic styles for each song. I even help you with your piano technique.


  1. Anika permalink

    I’m learning to play Someone like you. I’m a beginner and new to the keyboard. I read a lot of things about styles, textures and tempos. My question is as follow: Most people suggest that the song is a ballad with tempo 68. Something about it just sounds off. Is it indeed a ballad? And how do I know which one to choose? Pop, rock, etc.

  2. Bruce Siegel permalink

    Great question, Anika! I wouldn’t worry so much about labels, or trying to assign the correct metronome tempo. You say you’re a beginner — have you reached the point where you’re able to play chords and simple accompaniments like the ones I demonstrate in this video?

    If so, just learn the song and experiment with it. Things like tempo will fall into place when you start playing and singing and seeing what FEELS right. While you can learn a lot from copying others, you’ll ultimately want to do the song in your own way, and that may be different from how anyone else does it. Make sense?

    By the way, that’s why I enjoy making tutorials like this one, where the focus is on options rather than one-size-fits-all solutions.

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