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What’s That Tutorial Doing in Your Course?!

by Bruce Siegel on June 16th, 2016

One of the great things about having two million YouTube views is that I receive a lot of useful feedback. I just got this from Tone Rose, in response to one of my videos:

Hello; I went to your website for “Piano Technique: A Whole-Body Approach Part 2″ and all I found was classes on pop accompaniment.

So I told her that the tutorial is, in fact, a cornerstone of one of my pop courses. I explained that I teach a relaxed, efficient technique that makes it easier to play all styles of music, from the funkiest to the most classical.

(Technique includes proper use of the sustain pedal, which I cover in a 3-part tutorial.)

Anyway, I got to thinking—I’ll bet a lot of visitors to are likewise wondering why a pop course would include such an in-depth lesson in technique.

So here’s what I’d like you to know. What’s special about my tutorials is that they’re not just a great way to learn how to accompany pop music. They’re designed to lay a foundation for whatever kind of music you’re into.

And nothing is more important than letting the weight of your arm do the work.

Obviously, fingers require skills and training. But do we run with our toes or with our legs?

It’s amazing what begins to happen when you stop being obsessed with your fingers, and pay attention to the larger picture. It all starts with asking yourself: am I fighting gravity, or partnering with it?

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