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Enjoy the Largest Selection of Free Songs (Chord-And-Lyric Sheets) on the Web!

by Bruce Siegel on April 12th, 2017

So now that my shameless headline has grabbed your attention, perhaps I should explain. The songs aren’t here on DoctorKeys. They’re on (and similar sites).

I’m thinking about this today because someone just asked me if I provide PDF downloads for the songs I teach. So I told her that for copyright reasons, I can’t do that. But because of UltimateGuitar, I don’t need to.

If this sounds too good to be true, let me be clear: virtually every pop song in existence is available for free, including chords and lyrics. UltimateGuitar even has a feature you can use to transpose the song into the ideal key for your vocal range.

(Don’t be misled by the name UltimateGuitar, by the way, or by what they call their chord sheets: guitar tabs. Chords are chords regardless of what instrument you play them on.)

As to what all this means for you, I’ll put it this way. Time and again I’ve seen that once students learn to read chord sheets, they go slightly delirious when they realize they can now go to UltimateGuitar, choose any song, and then play away to their heart’s content.

So the only question is—can you too take advantage of this vast musical library? Can you read chord sheets?

Specifically, do you know how to:

• Read chord symbols.
• Play the chords on the piano or keyboard.
• Smoothly connect one chord to the next using chord “inversions.”
• Add a bass line.
• Set the whole thing in motion using a rhythm style perfect for the song in question.

Well, if you need help with any (or all) of those, this is where I come in. My courses Play & Sing, and Pop Piano Accompaniment, teach you, step by step, how to take a chord sheet, and translate it into a gorgeous arrangement.

But my tutorials do so much more. Because together with learning songs, you’ll practice what we call great piano technique. In other words, you’ll learn to use your arms and hands in the most relaxed and efficient manner possible.

In fact, some people sign up for my courses, specifically for this reason.

And by the way, you can do all this as a complete beginner. Play & Sing takes you by the hand (both hands, actually), and shows you how to get started from scratch.

But please don’t take my word for it. See what DoctorKeys subscribers have said over the years.

And do get in touch with any questions you may have, by adding a comment to this post, or sending an email to: Bruce (at)


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